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by Zachary Bussinger
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Nevron's Documentation and Examples:

As I mentioned before, using Nevron's suite does have a bit of a learning curve if the user is not incredibly familiar with charting utilities.  Of course, this is true of any third party .NET product. Nevron has done a really great job, though, of putting together an extensive set of documentation and examples.

For each of their three components in the suite, there is an example program that can be run.  In these programs (one for charts, one for diagrams and one for user interfaces) a tree view is presented with a content window.  Users select a chart type (or diagram/ UI) and an example of that type is displayed in the content window.

Many of these examples allow the user to toy around with different properties through drop down lists, sliders, and buttons, so one can instantly see what these properties affect.  One of the best things, however, is a tabbed view at the bottom that allows you to select a written overview and description of the component or a view of the source code.  This was a really important and useful feature to me; being able to see the source code for each and every one of these examples gives a really good idea of where to get started working with Nevron's components.

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