Do more with your ASP.NET Page Template
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by Sajid Rehman
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How do I do it? Error handling
Error handling features can be provided in your Page Template by –
  • Including an ErrorCode property in your PageTemplate class.
  • Add a method SetErrorCode(int code) that sets the above property & redirects to your error page. This method can be called from the code-behind when an error/exception is encountered.
  • Your error page would then be able to retrieve the error code by

int errorCode = ((PageTemplate)Context.Handler).ErrorCode;

This error code can be used to retrieve the appropriate error message from the resource file.


  • Ensures that all developers in the team handle errors/exceptions consistently – thereby saving time during integration.
  • Ensures that redirection to an error page, error logging, & error display happen in exactly the same way across pages & developers.

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