Understanding the Global.asax file
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by Joydip Kanjilal
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What is the Global.asax file?

According to MSDN, "The Global.asax file, also known as the ASP.NET application file, is an optional file that contains code for responding to application-level events raised by ASP.NET." The Global.asax file is parsed and dynamically compiled by ASP.NET into a .NET Framework class the first time any resource or URL within its application namespace is activated or requested. Whenever the application is requested for the first time, the Global.asax file is parsed and compiled to a class that extends the HttpApplication class. When the Global.asax file changes, the framework reboots the application and the Application_OnStart event is fired once again when the next request comes in. Note that the Global.asax file does not need recompilation if no changes have been made to it. There can be only one Global.asax file per application and it should be located in the application's root directory only.

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