Myths and Realities of Web 2.0
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by Saripalli Koti Reddy
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My Definition

So what's my definition of Web 2.0? Well I prefer the succinct "The Web as Platform", because I can then fill in the blanks depending on who I'm talking to. For corporate people, the Web is a platform for business. For marketers, the Web is a platform for communications. For journalists, the Web is a platform for new media. For geeks, the Web is a platform for software development. And so on.













The above picture shows the time bar of Web 2.0 and the appearance of all buzz words which are assigned to web 2.0. Also with the added dependencies between the buzz words.

Web 2.0 Meme Map

The above picture shows a "meme map" of Web 2.0 that was developed at a brainstorming session, a conference at O'Reilly Media. It's very much a work in progress, but shows the many ideas that radiate out from the Web 2.0 core.

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