Managing Project Communication
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Tools and Techniques of Performance Reporting

Information Presentation Tools

Information presentation tools are software packages that include table reporting, spreadsheet analysis, presentations, or graphic capabilities can be used to create presentation-quality images of project performance data.

Performance Information Gathering and Compilation

Information can be gathered and compiled from a variety of media including manual filing systems that allow access to technical documentation, such as engineering drawings, design specifications and test plans, to produce forecasts as well as performance, status and progress reports.

Status Review Meetings

To collect performance information and exchange project information, status review meetings are regularly scheduled events in the project. On most projects, status review meetings will be held at various frequencies and on different levels. For example, the project management team can meet weekly by itself and monthly with the customer.

Time Reporting Systems

Time reporting systems record and provide time expended for the project. A variance report along with the schedule performance index and comparison of baseline with actual performance on an S-curve provides an excellent graphical view of the project progress.

Cost Reporting Systems

Cost reporting systems record and provide the cost expended for the project. CV and CPI parameters are measured as part of EV Analysis.

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