Understanding Data Warehousing
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Comparison of data warehouse and operational data

The data warehouse is distinctly different from the operational data used and maintained by day-to-day operational systems. Data warehousing is not simply an “access wrapper” for operational data, where data is simply “dumped” into tables for direct access. Among the differences:



Application Oriented

Subject Oriented


Summarized (or otherwise refined)

Accurate, as of the moment of access

Represents values over time, snapshots


Not Updated

Run repetitively and non-reflectively

Run heuristically

Requirements for processing not completely understood before development

Requirements for processing understood before initial development

Compatible with the Software Development Life Cycle

Completely different life cycle

Performance sensitive (immediate response required when entering a transaction)

Performance relaxed (immediacy not required)

Accessed a unit at a time (limited number of data elements for a single record)

Accessed a set at a time (many records of many data elements)

Transaction driven

Analysis driven

High availability and not redundant

Relaxed availability and redundancy is a fact of life

Managed in its entirety

Managed by subsets

Static structure; variable contents

Flexible structure

Small amount of data used in a process

Large amount of data used in a process

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Title: sakota   
Name: said Ahmed
Date: 2008-04-09 5:22:55 AM
Very nice and cute...

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