Web Applications with AJAX
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Real-Life Examples of AJAX Applications

Google maps

Google Suggest


A9.com - Amazon.com search

Many more are popping everywhere.

Key Aspects of Google Maps

A user can drag the entire map by using the mouse.

The action that triggers the download of new map data is not a specific click on a link but a moving the map around. The user workflow is uninterrupted by the need to communicate with the server.

Behind the scenes

The map data is requested and downloaded asynchronously.

Usage cases for AJAX

Real-time form data validation

User IDs, serial numbers, postal codes, or even special coupon codes that require server-side validation can be validated in a form before the user submits a form.


Email address, name, or city name may be auto completed as the user types.

Master detail operation

Based on a client event, an HTML page can fetch more detailed information on data, such as a product listing.

Advanced GUI widgets and controls

Controls such as tree controls, menus, and progress bars may be provided that do not require page refreshes.

Refreshing data

HTML pages may poll data from a server for up-to-date data such as scores, stock quotes, weather, or application-specific data.

Server side notification

An HTML page may simulate a server-side push by polling the server for event notifications.

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User Comments

Title: Great Article   
Name: Raul
Date: 2007-05-10 9:38:23 AM
Wonderful article.Easy reading and very interesting and informative
Title: S.E.   
Name: Anil pandey
Date: 2007-04-28 1:10:19 AM
this artiale is realy very intresting. it simplyfies the use of AJAX in our projects
Title: call a serverside method from client site without postback using Ajax   
Name: Ritesh
Date: 2007-03-13 11:03:58 AM
How i will call a serverside method from client site without postback using Ajax ? This is the main use of Ajax which is not described.

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