IronPython for ASP.NET CTP
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by Scott Guthrie
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How to Learn More About IronPython

Check out the IronPython for ASP.NET home-page to learn more about the IronPython for ASP.NET CTP download.  You can also read a great whitepaper that David Ebbo wrote that describes the changes made to the ASP.NET parser to better support dynamic languages and compilation here (these can be used by both IronPython and any other dynamic language). 

Lastly, to learn more about IronPython itself I'd recommend watching this great videocast (with demos) that Jod Udell did with Jim Hugunin back in September.  Jim codes up some cool demos on the fly, including building a calculator within WPF using IronPython that integrates with the Speech APIs.  He also then shows how you can optionally refactor performance critical code from Python into strongly typed languages like C# and seamlessly work across the two.  You can now use all of the same techniques with IronPython and ASP.NET.

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