XML Paper Specification (XPS) of a Word 2003 Document
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by Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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Saving the *.docx file to a *.xps file

It is highly improbable that a printed document resembles the original seen on a screen or browser. Considering the number of printer types available on the market this is not an unusual experience. The XPS format has properties endowed by the underpinning software and standards that make it escape from the wysinwyg (what you see is not what you get) dilemma that many face, especially when it comes to printing. This is the reason that the MS WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) will have an immediate audience and a large following.

The XPS is an electronic fixed layout format that guarantees that the printed version is exactly the same as the file version (high fidelity) preserving the document formatting. This file cannot be modified as is. There are two ways this file can be generated form a Microsoft Word document.

Using the Microsoft Document Writer

Open the docx file in Word 2007. Go and select Print to open the Print window. Accept the defaults and click OK. Make sure you have selected the Print to file option as shown in Figure 3 and the Printer Name as Microsoft Document Printer. Microsoft Document Printer must be in the Printers folder as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3


Figure 4

Click OK which opens the Print to File window (not shown) with a default folder to save the document as well as the default file type, Printer Files (*.prn). Click on the drop-down and choose All Files(*.*) for the drop down, Save as Type. For the file name provide a name and the extension XPS. The file will be saved with this extension to the specified location. By double clicking the file with XPS extension, the document may be viewed as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5


Using 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS

In order to use this option, the add-in SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe must be downloaded from the Microsoft site. This executable allows converting the eight programs in the Office 2007 suite to both XPS as well as PDF formats. When you download and install this program, the Word 2007 document shows an extra item for Save As menu item as shown in Figure 6. This functionality is not available for Word 2003. Of course, you can save Word 2003 in Word 2007 format and use this functionality.

Figure 6

When you click on this hyperlink it opens the window, Publish as PDF or XPS.

Figure 7

The default publish type is PDF, but you can choose to publish it as a XPS document. After choosing this option if you click on the Publish button, the explorer opens as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

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