Working with Managed Stored Procedure using Visual Studio 2005
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by Srinivas Jadhav
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Debugging Managed Stored Procedure

You can now debug the CLR Stored Procedure the same way as the T-SQL Stored Procedure.

Following are the steps used to debug it.

In the Solution Explorer, right click the Test Scripts and Add Test Script; Test1.sql is added.

Rename it to MyManagedProcedure.sql.

Now you add the following code.

Listing 12

DECLARE @sal float
DECLARE @cnt int
SET @sal = 2200
SET @cnt = 0
EXECUTE [ManagedStoredProcedure].[dbo].[MyManagedProcedure] 
  ,@cnt OUTPUT
Print @cnt

Set the break point in the code.

Open Server Explorer View > Server Explorer.

Right Click Database and Apply Allow SQL/CLR Debugging

Debug > Start Debugging. The Yellow Pointer appears at the break point.

You can view the Output.

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