Product Review: Article Manager Pro
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by Anand Narayanaswamy
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Getting Started

In order to install the product you just need to upload the files to the root directory of your website and follow simple on screen instructions. You should also create a blank MySQL database and user for the purpose of installation. I tested the product on a web server running Linux. However, you can also install the product in Windows servers but for maximum compatibility the vendor recommends Linux. Moreover, granting of permissions using FTP clients is not possible in Windows which is required for the successful installation of the product.

The installation process creates the required tables and a sample article. I would suggest that you retain the sample article until you post an original article as the product throws an error message if there is no article on the database. I would recommend that the vendor modify the application to display a user friendly message rather than showing a database specific error. The vendor doesn’t provide any help files with the product, but if you spend some time inside the Admin Panel, then you will be well versed with the functions of each link as all of them are self explanatory.

Figure 1: Admin Panel Interface

As you can see, you can manage article, categories, users, newsletters, and common site settings from the Admin Panel.

Before posting an article, you should create relevant categories so that you can file each article under them. The categories can be either under the root or can be nested under an existing category with or without an image.

Figure 2: Category Creation

With the help of the product, you can create both the Normal and Link Articles depending upon your requirements. You also have an option to post the article to the featured articles section on the home page of the site by selecting the relevant option while posting the article. The product ships with a specially developed powerful rich text box editor.

Figure 3: Article Creation Interface

As you can see from the screenshot, you can insert images, tables, etc directly from the editor without any need to upload each file individually. The interface provides an option to keep an article in the pending stage if you have not finished it completely. In such a case, an administrator or those users who have special rights have to approve the articles using the Approve Article link. The articles can be modified at any time by using the Modify Article link. As your site grows, you will have dozens of articles posted on the site. The product includes a search function wherein you can give some keywords to pull relevant articles from the site.


I would suggest that you explore all the functions inside the Admin Panel as it will help you in the long run. I found the Newsletter feature very useful as it enables you to deliver emails to all the users (or authors) registered on the site. You can regularly download a backup copy of the database to your system by clicking Download SQL Backup link. It will help you to restore the site easily in case of a database crash.

Glossary keyword is one of the new features of version 1.6, and it enables you to associate a keyword with a web address (URL). If the specified keyword is found inside the articles then it will be hyperlinked to the relevant address as shown in figure shown below. This feature will be helpful if you need to hyperlink a specific word many times.

Figure 4: Glossary Keyword in Action

I feel that the vendor should modify this feature so that a balloon like tip will be displayed when a visitor hovers over the keyword. I would like to see the implementation of CAPTCHA protection for registration and comments modules and the auto social book marking features such as Digg and Delicious in the next edition of the product. The vendor has provided a facility to moderate comments and it will help you to remove unwanted entries before it's displayed on the site.

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Title: asp article manager   
Name: John
Date: 2008-10-16 3:33:31 AM
I searched for "asp article manager" and I got this PHP based one. Google is way off this time.


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