Four Ways to Locally Update a Web Page
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by Xianzhong Zhu
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OK, now it is time to make a rough comparison with the four solutions introduced in this article.

First, the four ways all succeed in partially updating a web page. However, if there are plenty of data to be processed, then the slowest one should be the IFrame solution. This is because IFrame belongs to the fully server side based solution. It interacts continuously with the server side, which causes serious influences on the response ability.

Second, the fastest approach should be that based on the JavaScript. This is because this solution fully relies on the client side without interacting with the server side again and again. However, it requires loading all the related data at the first time when the web page is loaded. Another drawback lies in that this solution needs quite a lot of JavaScript blocks, which may result in fattening the browser side.

The rather perfect and recommendable solution should be the AJAX way. With the XMLHttpRequest object being ready, to partially load data is pretty easy; and also, the relevant data can be selected under specified conditions all of which can be met either through XMLDOM or via regular expressions.

Third, it should be pointed out that the Callback way is generally suggested to be used to create custom server-side controls (and of course is widely applied in ASP.NET 2.0 server controls).

On the whole, with different applications, the four ways in this article can achieve different effects. Thus, what we should do is to try our best to grasp all of them and single out the one that most suits our concrete circumstances.

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Title: Locally update a web page   
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