Using LinkedResource Class for Sending HTML E-mail in .NET 2.0
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Published: 10 Oct 2007
In this article Soyuj examines the usage of LinkedResource class for sending embedded image mail in .NET in a step-by-step way.
by Soyuj Kumar Sahoo
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This is the answer to one of the comments on my previous article by someone who was unable to use these codes to send images in Outlook and Hotmail. I guess the MIME source of that send mail is ok, but might be the problem in Mail clients for fetching information from the MIME source.

So I tried another approach for sending html mail with embedded image in .NET 2.0 applications.    

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User Comments

Title: hi   
Name: jagadeesh
Date: 2012-09-26 3:56:19 AM
Title: Nice Article   
Name: Sankara Narayanan
Date: 2011-01-03 7:01:55 AM
Thank you very much, i tried its working fine. i have one doubt how can i set background image? i tried as you mention, but i cant. please help me.

Thanks & Regards
Sankara Naryananan
Title: Thank you from Mexico   
Name: Marcelino Ramirez Maldonado
Date: 2010-05-07 9:29:02 PM
Thank you. Together with your another article and this one, they are the best mail sending articles i have seen in my life!!

¡Muchas gracias!
Title: hi   
Name: Sumit Kalra
Date: 2010-04-18 3:03:57 AM
Though this code image not display at IE8
Title: can you provide an example embedding into word (not mail)   
Name: Chuck Farah
Date: 2009-01-06 3:24:11 PM
I am trying to provide an embedd type of feature only in a word doc downloaded to their pc. i have tried this by using the src property for the image.

i use response.Write(strBody)
Title: Will not send AlternateView through server   
Name: Nick
Date: 2008-01-25 7:26:57 AM

This is a great article, very well explained. There's is a problem I have with the AlternateView though.

I have had the code working great locally with some nice results, however when I transfer the files onto a server the AlternativeView seems to stop the mail from sending. I have commented this out and a plain mail message sends fine on the server. So i know everything works except for when I try and use the AlternateView.

Have you ever come across this proble?

Title: Great   
Name: Esteban
Date: 2007-11-08 3:37:53 PM
Great article, very usefull how to add the image, thanx once again!!!

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