Product Review: IndexU
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by Anand Narayanaswamy
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Enhancing the Look and Feel

The portal can be easily customized by editing the various files included with each Theme. The vendor provides several templates which are available for download from the secured client center. I initially faced some difficulty installing a theme file using FTP, but I resolved the issue by setting permissions to the required folder and files as outlined in the manual. I would suggest the vendor provides a help file along with each theme file so that users can setup the theme without any difficulty.

The vendor provides professional templates which are available for purchase and instant download from a separate website maintained by them. Several third party companies have developed high quality professional templates which are available for a fixed cost. Moreover, several free and paid MOD's and AddOns are available to enhance the functioning of the site. For instance, you can add social bookmarking links and automatically extract data from other directories, such as, using these additional tools. I would suggest you post a query or search the discussion board for more information regarding these tools as it will benefit you in long run.

The product ships with a comprehensive installation guide, which examines each and every aspect such as database creation, granting of permissions and steps involved in the whole process. The guide also lists the functions of each menu located inside the Administrator Control Panel. I am very impressed with the support provided by the vendor by e-mail and through an active discussion board which they maintain on their website. I found that all the queries are answered on the same day by the support staff even during weekends.

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User Comments

Title: Unsupported Software.   
Name: Street
Date: 2008-09-11 2:53:12 PM
This company believes its funny playing word games with its customers. There's a reason for you to not buy 'ready made' software. As a customer I felt completely betrayed & fooled to have paid for free unlimited software upgrades for software the developers never even cared to continue upgrading. Save your money.
Title: The Custom Field Feature   
Name: IndexU MODs
Date: 2008-04-16 10:09:12 AM
Seems you haven't explore IndexU custom field feature yet. This is one of the thing I like about IndexU. With this feature, you can build almost any kind directory type you want :). Very useful feature, especially if you want to build niche directories.

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