Configuring SharePoint Virtual Machine LAN Connections
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by Steven Barden
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Wrapping up and other points to consider

At this point you will find there are many different experimental paths you can take that are not shown here. For example when using NAT, although you can bridge files from the Virtual OS to the host pc that can be picked up by LAN connected devices, how can you access Virtual OS hosted files or services, such as sharepoint? Luckily the base OS has this ability, so you could browse Virtual OS port 80 from host hosted for example. Or if you wanted to get trickier you could use various port-forwarding capabilities on the host to reach Virtual OS services (Cygwin and SSH tunneling?). We have not even considered how Windows ICS can be used, but you may find it useful when using an air card. It's obvious that Virtual PC NAT has some drawbacks even compared to Windows ICS (which does have port forwarding), but at this point you have to ask yourself if it is worth getting much more complicated? If more complexity is required you can do a lot more with VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server, but at this time Virtual PC has addressed most of the simpler needs.

In review, using the above described methods, you can bind to the laptops onboard LAN adapter, the onboard wireless adapter or use NAT, while connected to the Virtual OS via Remote Desktop using a private network (10.0.0.x). And if that were not cool enough, you can do this with multiple running virtual OSs; just configure the correct IP address for each adapter on each Virtual OS.

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User Comments

Title: guest   
Name: Andrei
Date: 2010-05-12 1:51:46 PM
Steven, thank you for the great article. I was able to use your steps and configured host and VPC connection back and forth, so the host can access SharePoint VPC thru the browser. But I lost internet connection from VPC then. Could you please give some more details how to fix it. Thanks. Andrei.

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