Developing an ASP.NET AJAX Server Centric Based Mini Blog System - Part 1
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by Xianzhong Zhu
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Visualizing the Finished Line

For brevity, we herein are going to exhibit to you only a few of the key running-time snapshots related to the blog system. Figure 1 describes the homepage of the blog system when the administrator has not logged in (note: for an integral view of the long page, I pieced together the key parts of it - you can clearly catch sight of them from the red marks).

Figure 1: The homepage of the blog system

As is apparently shown, the whole interface is divided into four parts: the top is a simple system log picture, the bottom is a typical and common page footer, and the middle corresponds to the main part—the left panel is classified into several typical sub control panels to better manipulate the system and the right will indicate the detailed contents that corresponds to the user gestures at the left panel.

It is worth noting that in real scenarios there are usually advertising blocks left for the third-party companies, the recommended position for which should be located in a third column to be added for you later. However, still for brevity, we omitted them all.

In fact, Figure 1 happens to correspond to the common user mode in this application, in which mode the user bears the ability to read the blog articles, view the current blog associated comments left by other surfers, navigate to the current host linked favorite hyperlinks, as well as leave a word to the current blog host provided he or she is logged in the system.

Also, it is noted that the two important techniques leveraged herein are updating the page in the AJAX mode (partially and asynchronously), and url redirection for easy understanding and recollection. For related details, please read on.

Now, let us continue to see what the interface looks like after the administrator has logged into the system. Figure 2 gives one of the related running-time snapshots.

Figure 2: One of the running-time snapshots of the backend management of the blog system

Note that as an administrator (and, for simplicity, the blog host herein), you can manipulate the blog category, blog articles, comments left by passengers, your own interested hyperlinks, and words (opinions) to the blog host left by permitted readers, all of which are constructed under ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 environments with the help of ASP.NET AJAX components. Note that Figure 2 just relates to the blog articles management snapshot.

Note that herein we are to omit introducing the operation flow since you will easily catch on it when we introduce the system module relationships.

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