Introduction to .NET Framework Tools
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by Suresh Kumar Goudampally
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Gacutil.exe - An Insight

Gacutil.exe is a .NET utility library which provides the command-line interface tool that manages the Global Assembly Cache.

The global assembly cache util tool is used to view and manipulate the contents of the global assembly cache.

The command syntax of the gacutil.exe tool looks like the following.

gacutil [options] [assembly name | assembly path | assembly listfile]

assemblyName  :  The name of the assembly.

assemblyPath   :    The path of the file that contains the assembly manifest.

assemblyListFile :  The path to an ANSI text file that lists assemblies to install or uninstall.


Here are the some of the commands of Gacutil.exe tool through which we can manage the Global Assembly Cache.

Command Name



This command is used to display the list of all the assemblies that are contained in the Global Assembly Cache.

Eg:   gacutil /l

    /I assemblypath

This command is used to deploy a strongly named assembly into Global Assembly Cache.

 Eg:     gacutil /i test.dll



This command is used to remove a DLL from Global Assembly Cache.

Eg:  gacutil /u  test.dll        


This command displays the command syntax and options for the tool.

Eg:  gacutil /h


assembly path  


This command installs the DLL in the Global Assembly Cache and if the DLL already exists in GAC, it overrides it.



This lists the contents of the downloaded files cache.

Eg : gacutil /ldl


Assembly path

It uninstalls one or more assemblies specified in the assemblylistfile from the GAC.


This displays the command syntax and options for the tool.



It specifies this option with the /i or /il options to force an assembly to reinstall. If an assembly with the same name already exists in the global assembly cache, the tool overwrites it.

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