Build an AJAX Based ASP.NET Web Tag Application - Part 1
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by Xianzhong Zhu
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Database Design

For simplicity and just for illustration, I used SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as the backend database. As a typical and efficient solution, I have also utilized stored procedures to encapsulate most of the fundamental business operations. To follow along with the basic idea of the web tag project in this article, you need to download the source files at the end of this article.

In this article, we will design a database named Database.mdf, which contains two tables - section for tag categories and note for tag info, respectively.

Designing the Data Tables

For simplicity, let us use a figure to illustrate the structures for table note and section, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 - Structures and relations for table note and section

Since the database diagram in the source code also contains the explanation for each of the fields of the two tables above, let us continue to discuss the stored procedures in this database.

Designing the Stored Procedures

In traditional ASP.NET applications, the stored procedure is the typical solution relating to the backend database to achieve the three-tier based architecture. To achieve the above listed functions, we have also leveraged the stored procedure to encapsulate the ground floor data operations.

In this web tag application, there are 9 stored procedures, which are AddNote, AddSection, DeleteNote, DeleteSection, EditNote, RenameSection, MoveNote, TransferNote, and MoveSection, respectively. The following gives their related short explanations:

·         AddNote: add the tag info to the system

·         AddSection: add the tag category info to the system

·         DeleteNote: delete the tag info from the system

·         DeleteSection: delete the tag category info from the system

·         EditNote: edit the existing tag info in the system

·         RenameSection: rename the tag category in the system

·         MoveNote: move the existing tag between the tags to change its order in the system

·         TransferNote: move an existing tag from a category to another category in the system

·         MoveSection: change the order between the tag categories

Still for brevity, we do not plan to list the related scripts for the above stored procedures, while you can refer to the source code for details.

Next, we will shift to examineing the system design and the related architecture.

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