Building Reports Using ASP.NET and Crystal Reports - Part 6 - Build a Sales Forecast Report Using Parameter Fields
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by Vince Varallo
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Step 7: Add the Report Title and Logo

This report will show the original sales info on the first page and the forecast sales info on the second page.  Each page should display the AdventureWorks logo and company name.  The logo can be found with the accompanying code.  You'll need to copy the Logo.bmp file to the folder where you created the web site.

1.    Make the Section1 (Report Header a) section bigger by waving your mouse over top of ReportHeaderSection1 (Report Header b) until the mouse pointer becomes a vertical bar.

2.    Expand the section by left clicking and dragging the mouse pointer down.

3.    Drag the cross tab in this section to the bottom of the section.

4.    Right click in this section and select InsertàPicture… from the pop-up menu.  Navigate to the Logo.bmp file and click the Open button.

5.    Drop the picture at the top of the section.  You may need to make the section bigger or drag the cross tab below the picture.

6.    Now add the title.  Right click in this section and select InsertàText Object from the pop-up menu.  Drop the text object next to the picture.

7.    Enter Adventure Works Cycle for the text.

8.    Right click on the text object and select Format Object from the pop-up menu.

9.    Click the Font tab and change the size to 28.  Change the Color to Blue.

10. Click the Paragraph tab and change the Horizontal alignment to Centered.

11. Click the OK button.  You should resize the text object so that Adventure Works shows on the top line and Cycle appears below it.

12. Right click on the ReportHeaderSection1 (Report Header b) section header and select Section Expert… from the pop-up menu.

13. Check the New Page Before checkbox and click the OK button.  This will create a page break before this section.

14. You can now hide the other sections by right clicking on the section header and selecting Suppress (No Drill-Down) from the pop-up menu.

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User Comments

Title: Help   
Name: Arjun
Date: 2010-05-21 4:28:35 AM
Hi! anybody body can assit me to generate Accouting report trial balance, profit & loss, and balance sheet. using crystal report with ASP.NET with C#
Title: Nice Article   
Name: Rick
Date: 2009-12-01 4:56:29 PM
I read the entire series and I fell more comforable with reports. They were all put together well and every piece of code worked as expected. Thank for taking the time to share.

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