ASP.NET MVC 2: Model Validation
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by Scott Guthrie
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Step 1: Implementing a FriendsController (with no validation to begin with)

We’ll begin by adding a simple “Person” class to a new ASP.NET MVC 2 project that looks like below:


It has four properties (implemented using C#’s automatic property support, which VB in VS 2010 now supports too – woot!).

We’ll then add a “FriendsController” controller class to our project that exposes two “Create” action methods.  The first action method is called when an HTTP-GET request comes for the /Friends/Create URL.  It will display a blank form for entering person data.  The second action method is called when an HTTP-POST request comes for the /Friends/Create URL.  It maps the posted form input to a Person object, verifies that no binding errors occurred, and if it is valid will eventually save it to a database (we’ll implement the DB work later in this tutorial).  If the posted form input is invalid, the action method redisplays the form with errors:

After we’ve implemented our controller, we can right-click within one of its action methods and choose the “Add View” command within Visual Studio – which will bring up the “Add View” dialog.  We’ll choose to scaffold a “Create” view that is passed a Person object:

Visual Studio will then generate a scaffolded Create.aspx view file for us under the \Views\Friends\ directory of our project.  Notice below how it takes advantage of the new strongly-typed HTML helpers in ASP.NET MVC 2 (enabling better intellisense and compile time checking support):

And now when we run the application and hit the /Friends/Create URL we’ll get a blank form that we can enter data into:

Because we have not implemented any validation within the application, though, nothing prevents us from entering bogus input within the form and posting it to the server.

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