Built-in Charting Controls (VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series)
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by Scott Guthrie
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Learning more about the <asp:chart> control

Scott Mitchell has written a great series of articles on the www.4guysfromrolla.com site on how to take advantage of the <asp:chart> control:

Getting Started - walks through getting started using the Chart Controls, from version requirements to downloading and installing the Chart Controls, to displaying a simple chart in an ASP.NET page.

Plotting Chart Data - examines the multitude of ways by which data can be plotted on a chart, from databinding to manually adding the points one at a time.

Rendering the Chart - the Chart Controls offer a variety of ways to render the chart data into an image. This article explores these options.

Sorting and Filtering Chart Data - this article shows how to programmatically sort and filter the chart's data prior to display.

Programmatically Generating Chart Images - learn how to programmatically create and alter the chart image file.

Creating Drill Down Reports - see how to build drill down reports using the Chart control.

Adding Statistical Formulas - learn how to add statistical formulas, such as mean, median, variance, and forecasts, to your charts.

Enhancing Charts With Ajax - improve the user experience for dynamic and interactive charts using Ajax.

Serializing Chart Data - see how to persist a chart's data and appearance to a persistent store.

His articles are written using .NET 3.5 and the separate ASP.NET charting controls download – but all of the concepts and syntax work out of the box exactly the same with ASP.NET 4.

Michael Ceranski has also written a blog post demonstrating how to use the ASP.NET Chart control within an ASP.NET MVC application.  I’m hoping someone will create some nice ASP.NET MVC Html.Chart() helper methods soon that will make this even easier to do in the future.

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