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Published: 03 Aug 2010
Generating unique backlinks via directory based websites is important to earn more traffic and revenue. It is really tedious to manually submit the required data to various websites. DirectoryBot is a .NET Framework based product which has the ability to submit your website data quickly to various directory based websites. In this review, Anand provides a detailed overview of the software with his suggestions and recommendations. After reading this review, you will know whether to invest for DirectoryBot or not.
by Anand Narayanaswamy
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There are several web based directory sites on the web which can bring in lot of traffic and backlinks to your websites. But it is difficult to find all the directory sites and manually submit the details to each and every site. Hence, there is a need for a system which can automatically submit your site details to several directories in a minimum amount of time.

I have been constantly searching for new applications and found DirectoryBot, which has the ability to submit your site details to over 500 directories. The product has been developed using .NET Framework and hence you need to install .NET Framework redistributable in order to install and work with it.


In order to work with DirectoryBot, you need to complete a series of steps. Firstly, you need to add a company profile by providing your User name, password, email, URL and other relevant data as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 - Company Profile Creation

The product will make use of these details to create accounts in various directory sites, which is the next step you need to perform. But before creating accounts with directory sites, you should create an account profile.

The product ships with a default profile of 699 directory sites. Each of these sites has been separated into CAPTCHA and Non CAPTCHA site.

In order to create a new account profile, you should click New Profile link from the Account Profiles page. You need to provide a descriptive name and select all the sites which you need to file under the profile as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Account Profile Creation

As you can see I have only selected few directory sites for testing purposes. The screen will now look like as shown below

Figure 3

The next step is to add the details of the website by selecting Site URL's ribbon button. A new screen as shown below will be displayed

Figure 4

In order to add the site, you need to click Add New link. A new window will be displayed on the screen as shown in Figure 5

Figure 5

You need to provide the details as requested above and the screen as shown in Figure 6 will be displayed upon clicking Save button.

Figure 6

The next step is to submit the site to the various selected directories by selecting Submit ribbon button. A new dialog with the required information as shown below will be displayed on the screen.

Figure 7

As you can see there is an option to select the number of threads which will ultimately speed up the submission process. The software will display the progress as it submits the site data to the directories as shown in Figure 8

Figure 8

An interesting point to note is that the product successfully submits the site data to all directories without any errors and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from each directory site. You should note that the site data will not be instantly displayed on the relevant directories as it has to be manually approved by the person who manages the directories. The product also generates reports after the completion of each submission process.

I noticed that the approval process will take very long time and all the directory sites listed in the software looks similar to each other. From my point of view, the vendor should incorporate sites with different kind of scripts. I had submitted a live website nearly two months back using the software and I am yet to receive the approval confirmation from a single directory site. I would suggest the vendor to provide an option to sort the sites based on Page Rank as users prefers to submit links to the directory sites with high page ranks.

The product is flexible and can be used as per your specific requirements by enabling and disabling the directory sites. Moreover, the cost of the product is less when compared to other sites.

Even though the user interface is simple to understand and doesn't contain any complicated menus and wizards, I am not impressed with DirectoryBot as the end result of site approval is pretty slow and hence I would not recommend it for others.

I feel that there is no use to invest for a product which just submits your site data to various directory sites without any feedback from those who manages them.

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Anand Narayanaswamy is a Microsoft MVP who works as an independent consultant based in Trivandrum, India. He is the author of Community Server Quickly (Packt Publishing) and runs and

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Title: Nu Internet Marketer   
Name: Gramps
Date: 2010-09-11 5:17:29 PM
Dear Anand,
Thank you for your honesty and explicit comments about DirectoryBot. As a person new to IM I must watch my dollars that are spent.

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