Introducing the Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 WPF viewer
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by Eric Landes
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This new viewer has not been released to the manufacturer yet. However, it is currently in Beta, and the plan is to release it sometime in November. Currently the viewer is in Beta 2, which is what this article is based on. According to presentations from SAP, the footprint for Beta 2 is larger than what it will be in the final release.  However, Beta 2 is feature complete.  The intention right now is for this to be the last beta before release in November.

New API features

According to information from SAP's Crystal folks, the following are some new features you can find in the new API.  Keep in mind this is Beta information and is subject to change.

New Formatting events (report cannot be modified during formatting event)

·         ReportDocument.BeforeFormatPage event

·         ReportDocument.AfterFormatPage event

·         ReportDocument.FieldMapping event

·         ReportDocument.NoData event

Check Report Processing Status

·         ReportDocument.ReportRequestStatus.NumberOfPages

·         ReportDocument.ReportRequestStatus.NumberOfRecordsRead

·         ReportDocument.ReportRequestStatus.NumberOfRecordsSelected

Check number of times a field is used with Field.UseCount

Process records at runtime with ReportDocument.ReadRecords

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