Some nice code editor features provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions
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by Scott Guthrie
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Ctrl+Click "Go to Definition"

One of the small, but useful, features that I find myself using a lot with the extensions is the "Ctrl + Click” go to definition feature. 

For those of you who haven’t tried it, it enables you to quickly navigate to the definition of a member or type within your code.  You can accomplish the same behavior out of the box with Visual Studio by right-clicking on a member/type and then choosing the “Go to Definition” context menu item – or by moving your cursor over a type/member and then pressing the F12 key.  But for some reason I’ve found the Ctrl+Click gesture provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions more natural and faster to use (since for my keyboard the F12 key requires a split-second extra finger move to use – whereas the control key is always in easy reach).

To try out the “Ctrl+Click” behavior, just hold down the “Ctrl” key and use your mouse to hover over a type or member in your code.  When the extension is enabled you’ll find that this causes a hyperlink to appear under each type/member you hover over:


Clicking the hyperlink will immediately navigate you to the definition of the type/member within your code:


Note that the “go-to-definition” feature in VS can also be used on a type that you don’t have source access to.  For example, like with the DbSet<T> collection I used in my EF “code-first” blog post yesterday:


When you click a type referenced from a binary library, VS will automatically generate a class definition based on the signature compiled into the assembly:

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