The Darkness Behind DateTime.Now
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by Keyvan Nayyeri
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Another commonly-used property of DateTime is UtcNow even though it’s not used as commonly as the Now property. This property returns the current date and time in UTC. This property is designed to serve for many places where Now is being misused and I listed some of the highlights in the previous section.

In general, if you’re going to store DateTime values in database or perform calculations on such values, it’s better to use UtcNow because in the former case, this helps you have a universal value regardless of the local time of the machine where you host your program and in the latter case there is no difference between the duration of time calculated by Now and UtcNow.

As you can see below, UtcNow has a simpler implementation than Now (listing 2) and in fact, Now is written based on UtcNow with some additions.

Listing 2: Internal implementation of DateTime.UtcNow

public static DateTime UtcNow
      [TargetedPatchingOptOut("Performance critical to inline across NGen 
            image boundaries"), SecuritySafeCritical]
            long systemTimeAsFileTime = DateTime.GetSystemTimeAsFileTime();
            return new DateTime((ulong)(systemTimeAsFileTime + 
                  504911232000000000L | 4611686018427387904L));

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