Sorting an Array Using Combsort
Published: 02 Nov 2003
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Using Combsort in VBScript to sort an array, with performance analysis.
by Niels Martin Hansen
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The other day I had to sort a rather large array. I could have used the wellknown quicksort-method, but then I remembered the combsort-method. (Unfortunately I can not remember, who has made this exellent sorting algorithm). Combsorting is very simple to implement and it is comparable in speed to quicksort, but is is not known by very many programmers.

Below is a VBscript-program where you can compare combsort to bobblesort. On my Thinkpad 570 I got the folowing results:

Number of elements to sort: Combsort Bubblesort
1000 0.25 sec 5.6 sec
1500 0.4 sec 12.0 sec
10000 3.4 sec n/a
20000 7 sec n/a
40000 17 sec n/a
60000 26 sec n/a

It is only the procedure CombSort, which is interesting. The rest is just to make it possible to measure the performance.


Option Explicit
Dim M, t1, t2 
Dim A()
Dim B()

Sub initB()
  Dim i
  for i=0 to M
    B(i)= Rnd
End Sub

Sub A_equal_B()
  Dim i
  for i=0 to M
    A(i) = B(i)
End Sub

Sub CombSort()
'This procedure will sort the array A
'using the CombSort-methode
  Dim i,j,gap,x,OK
  gap = M
  OK = True
  While OK
    'You can try other values, but 1.33 seems to be the best
    gap= Int(gap/1.33)
    If gap < 1 Then gap = 1
    OK = (gap <> 1)
    For i = 0 To M - gap
      j = i + gap
      If A(i) > A(j) Then
        x = A(i)
        A(i) = A(j)
        A(j) = x
        OK = True
      End If
End Sub

Sub Bobblesort()
'This procedure will sort the array A
'using the Bobblesort-methode
  Dim i,j,x
  For i = 0 To M-1
    For j = 0 To M-1 - i
      If A(j) > A(j + 1) Then
        x = A(j)
        A(j) = A(j + 1)
        A(j + 1) = x
      End If
End Sub

Private Sub showA(txt)
  Dim s
  s= txt & VBCrLf
  s= s & "Time: " & t2-t1 & VBCrLf
  'Show the sorted array for small values of M
  if M<100 then s= s & join(A," * ")
  MsgBox s
End Sub

M=Clng(InputBox("Number of elements to sort: "))
ReDim A(M)
ReDim B(M)

'M=1500: sorttime about 0.4 sec

'M=1500: sorttime about 12 sec
'so be careful not to use Bobblesort for large values of M
if M<=1500 then  
end if

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