Secure the Email in Your .NET Apps with SSL Email Components
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by John Alessi
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To use SSL with email, both the client and the server must have built-in support.  The sample code to follow will show you how to easily include this support into your .Net client applications with just a few lines of code!  The server must also support SSL.  If your mail server does not support SSL, you may be able to use SSL gateway software, or a relay server which supports SSL.  The gateway/relay server accepts mail over an SSL encrypted connection and then passes the data on to your server over a standard unencrypted channel.  If the gateway/relay and your server reside on the same system, or behind the same firewall, most of the benefits of SSL may be retained.  The server will also need a digital certificate for SSL communications which can be obtained from a certificate authority.

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Title: NO TEXT WRAP!   
Name: Stuart Welwood
Date: 2006-02-21 2:07:44 PM
The text of this article does not wrap - VERY difficult to read!

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