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Method 3 - Session Variables

3) Session Variables

When the user submits the form you can store the values in session variables and then load them up on the next page.

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Do_page1(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
Session.Contents("name") = name.Text
End Sub
<form runat="server">
Enter your name: <asp:textbox id="name" runat="server" /><br>
<asp:button text="Next Page" runat="server" OnClick="Do_page1" />

Page 1 -Live Demo

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub page_load(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
Dim name = Session.Contents("name")
End Sub

Sub Do_page2(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
Session.Contents("city") = city.Text
End Sub
<form runat="server">
What city do you live in <%=name%>? <asp:textbox id="city" runat="server" /><br>
<asp:button text="Next Page" runat="server" OnClick="Do_page2" /><p>

Page 2 -Live Demo

Thanks <%=Session.Contents("name")%>, I hope it's nice in <%=Session.Contents("city")%>.

Page 3 -Live Demo

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