Applied Login Security
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Published: 15 Apr 2004
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Many websites provide a login to secure a part of their application. Many are not as secure as their owner might think...
by Tim Musschoot
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With the uprise of serverside scripting technogies, the technical possibilities for web based applications became almost infinite.  More and more companies offer webbased services towards their customers.  Common used tasks in the scope of e-commerce as order tracking, stock view, online sales,… are now online available to the customer.  Discarding the investment that accompanies the creation of these applications, the advantages are numerous.  The biggest advantage is beyond any doubt, the ‘available on demand’ property of these applications.  The customer is no longer bound to opening hours of a helpdesk.


Because most of these webbased applications access a part of the internal company’s software infrastructure, security has become a very important issue.  Most sites provide a login to prevent unauthorized access to their application.  However, most login validation systems are very amateuristic and can be bypassed very easily.  If the online access portal gives direct access to the company’s administration software, the effects of a visit by a malicious user can be devastating.


The purpose of this article is to point out some of the most recurring methods of hacking websites, and how you can prevent them on your website.

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Title: webbased login security   
Name: nikunj patel
Date: 2009-08-16 11:29:27 AM
can u put the full information about the WEBBASED LOGIN SECURITY.....caz i want to really know abt all this tofic
Title: great   
Name: Shiv Kumar
Date: 2008-08-11 4:34:18 AM
Really helpfull......
Title: help me   
Name: noha
Date: 2006-03-09 5:02:47 AM
hi, i programmed and designed pages with ASP and used session for security but i have problem , the session disappear .
when send the session for multi pages the session become null.
Title: Excellent   
Name: Amit
Date: 2005-12-10 2:43:27 AM
Another good one keep them coming
Title: good   
Name: john
Date: 2005-09-19 9:23:06 PM
very helpful to the benginner
Title: Good Stuff   
Name: Nicholas
Date: 2005-06-27 3:20:55 AM
Great Article! Keep writing
Title: security topics   
Name: srinivas
Date: 2005-05-01 1:53:45 AM
Very good
Title: impressed   
Name: rudra
Date: 2004-06-18 4:02:13 PM
hi tim,

i love your article, its great these u cannot find it in books . i am highly impressed with your article.
thanks keep writing these type of article. can u suggest a book on can mail me at this address

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