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by Andrew Mooney
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ExcelWriter is a powerful Web reporting solution that allows you to distribute information over the Internet in Microsoft Excel format that end users are familiar with. Using ExcelWriter allows you to quickly deliver reports that are visually appealing and contain powerful Microsoft Excel formulas and charts. ExcelWriter was designed as a scalable Web application that can handle a large volume of users that can modify and save reports via a Web browser. ExcelWriter gives you the ability to generate Web-based reports in a multiple language environment.ExcelWriter not only saves you time by speeding up delivery of reports, but saves you money by circumventing the need for training all users.

Some of ExcelWriter´s main features are that it requires a small amount of code to open a spreadsheet in the client´s browser, it supports ADO.NET, allows you to make templates for standardization of reports and allows for modification, but still retains all Microsoft Excel Page Setup settings.

The addition of the HotCell Technology in version 4 allows you to use the same familiar Microsoft Excel Interface to update a data source in the server using a spreadsheet in the user's Web browser.

The developer editions of ExcelWriter include the ExcelWriter CodeWizard, an automatic code generator that creates scripts from existing spreadsheets. The CodeWizard takes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and generates ASP, ASP.NET, or Visual Basic code to create an identical spreadsheet.

ExcelWriter 4 is a well rounded and reliable program that delivers exactly what it promises. I was impressed with the documentation and the help file that were full of useful information. Because of the simplicity of the setup program, the troubleshooting section of the help file was not even needed. I can honestly say that I have not seen anything on the market that even comes close to doing what ExcelWriter 4 does in such a fast and easy manner. To see if ExcelWriter 4 will work as a Web reporting solution for you, download a free demo from the SoftArtisans Web site (http://www.softartisans.com). Once you start using it, I believe you will want to make it a permanent part of your Web application development kit.

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