ExcelWriter V4 Review
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by Andrew Mooney
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Operation and Features

I found it very easy to create Web reports in the form of spreadsheets in ExcelWriter using just a few lines of code in ASP script. Developers that are familiar with Excel VBA can begin writing advanced spreadsheet reports immediately. You can generate the report data in ASP script or retrieve it from a data source. An interesting note is that the reports created with ExcelWriter are spreadsheets and not Web pages. You cannot add HTML tags or use the Response.WriteLine on the page. However, you can customize your spreadsheet to make it look professional by adding formulas, formatted text, column width and alignment, borders, color and many more options.

With ExcelWriter, you can quickly make new files by inserting values into template spreadsheets. Any experienced Excel user can create the template spreadsheet using Data Markers to place database columns in the desired location for the report. Then a developer only has to add a few lines of code to the template. Utilizing templates can save time by using them to create multiple spreadsheets. Macros can be added to template spreadsheets using VBA script to perform functions in the Excel spreadsheet on the client.

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