Using ODP.NET to Insert Multiple Rows within a Single Round Trip
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by Steven Swafford
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Create the Authors Entry Web Form

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The next and most essential step is to add a reference to the ODP.NET Data Provider to your project. To achieve this, right-click on the References node and choose Add Reference.

Figure 6 – References Node

Figure 6 – References Node

Figure 7 – Add Reference

Figure 7 – Add Reference Dialog

  1. Scroll down until you see Oracle.DataAccess.dll.
  2. Double-click Oracle.DataAccess.dll or highlight this DLL and click Select.
  3. You will now notice this library show up under Selected Components.

As I previously stated, I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003 as my IDE. While you can use any other IDE (or even a text editor), this may or may not add to your development time.

Figure 8 – Authors Web Form Entry

Figure 8 – Authors Web Form Entry

As you can see there is nothing complex about this form. I have used three different server controls: the TextBox, Label, and Button. As you know, all the work happens in the code-behind file, so let us now take the time to look at the code for this Web form.

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