Review: Peter's Date Package 1.1
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by Steven Smith
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In case it has not been obvious throughout this review, I’m pretty excited about this package. The installation was easy. The integration with Visual Studio made using the controls very easy – just drag and drop. There are few applications I’ve built that did not require some kind of date input. The only thing I would improve on is the out-of-the-box size of the script generated, although this is easily optimized using the advice provided in the User's Guide. The User's Guide itself is a huge point in favor of this package. Compared with many other products, this one is superbly well documented. Finally, Peter provides top-notch support. Join his mailing list (on Yahoo! Groups) and lurk for a while, and you’ll see how quickly he responds to users’ questions and feature requests. It’s also telling that, most of the time, the answers he gives can already be found in the User's Guide.

In this review, I have spent most of my time on the data entry form-type controls. In addition the package includes a calendar control, CS_Calendar, which provides a look and feel similar to, but much more feature-rich than, the ASP.NET Calendar control. Brian Desmond has a screenshot in his review.

Now that I’ve used these controls, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the ASP.NET Calendar. I had rather hoped that with ASP.NET 2.0, some attention might be given to the ASP.NET Calendar, to add desperately needed features like month and year drop-down selection. However, it doesn’t appear that this will happen, so you can be assured that if you opt to invest in Peter’s Date Package, it won’t be made obsolete by Microsoft any time soon.


Brian Desmond’s Review (Oct 2003)

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User Comments

Title: Peter Berg   
Name: Steven Smith
Date: 2005-10-14 3:47:58 PM
I won't delete your comment since I think it's good to have folks on both sides of the issues, but how can you possibly say these controls are not well documented? Did you not see the massively long document that came with the product which covered nearly every possible detail about the controls? I thought Peter Blum's docs were stellar - far better than many other control vendors - so you may have other legitimate gripes, but I don't think documentation can really be one of them.
Title: Over-rated   
Name: Peter Berg
Date: 2005-10-14 3:27:50 PM
I think these controls are overrated for the price. Additionally, it doesn't have any documentation. Perhaps Peter can spend some of his valuable time on documenting his crappy controls.

P.S. Plz don't come up with %$#@*% like this again.
Title: Peter Blum controls   
Name: Brendon Muck
Date: 2005-04-29 3:40:54 PM
We've been using Peter's Date Package for the past 2 years or so, and they are top notch. I've only had 1 problem, which Peter himself was quick to help me out with.

These controls are a bargain, even at twice their actual price!
Title: Must have   
Name: Rick Gifford
Date: 2005-04-11 11:26:20 AM
We have been using these controls for a year now in a production application and have been extremely happy with the tools, the documentation and the quality of the support.
Title: Peter Blum Date Contols   
Name: Richard Cotter
Date: 2005-04-10 6:20:24 PM
I struggled with Microsoft validation controls for validating date and time. From the very start after trialing and then buying Peter's Date Controls, I solved all my date and time problems. I like to use and recognize good quality design and development.
Title: Indispensable   
Name: Peter Montgomery
Date: 2005-04-10 9:53:08 AM
I can't rate these controls highly enough.

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