React Quickly to Fraudulent Credit Card Charges using ASP.NET, OFX, and RSS
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by Eric Madariaga
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The Finished RSS Feed

After iterating over the transaction set and including each transaction as a unique RSS item, one can easily serve the RSS feed by clearing the current output, changing the content type, and pushing the RSS data to the client.  This is accomplished with the following code:

Code Listing 4

Response.ContentType = "text/xml";

The RSSData property provides a serialized RSS feed complete with channel information and items.  After writing the RSS data to the output stream, one should end the response so that no other content is sent to the client.

Future Improvements

Currently this article only demonstrates how to connect to a single credit card corporation to download transaction information. However, the interface for connecting with bank account information (BankStatement) is virtually identical to the CCStatement component.  Using a combination of the components in the IBiz OFX Integrator it is possible to provide an overview of all current transactions for all of your accounts through a single consolidated feed. 

As was mentioned earlier in this article, providing some level of security is also an important feature that should be incorporated in this application.  SSL security and some level of user and password authentication should be required when accessing sensitive transaction information.

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User Comments

Title: Help please...   
Name: Michael G
Date: 2007-01-10 5:18:05 PM
Great article. I have downloaded OFX integrator and RSS. Is it possible for you to provide the source. n/software provides one example. Also, I want to try my own accounts for test. I have not been able to find the additional information to populate the parameters.

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