Review - Dart PowerWEB LiveControls 1.1.3
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by Steven Smith
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What’s Included

The suite includes the following controls:

  • LiveButton
  • LiveCallback
  • LiveCheckBox
  • LiveCheckBoxList
  • LiveDataGrid
  • LiveDropDownList
  • LiveHyperLink
  • LiveImage
  • LiveImageButton
  • LiveLabel
  • LiveLinkButton
  • LiveListBox
  • LiveMessageBox
  • LivePanel
  • LivePlaceHolder
  • LiveRadioButton
  • LiveRadioButtonList
  • LiveSound
  • LiveTextBox
  • LiveTimer
  • LiveWrapper

Those listed in bold inherit from the standard ASP.NET controls, and thus can be used in place of those controls with minimal code changes. The LiveDataGrid doesn’t directly inherit from the System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGrid class, but does expose the same interface, so it too can be used like its corresponding standard control.

Using the sample code that ships with the suite, it’s very easy to get up to speed with these controls. Probably the biggest thing to watch out for is the LiveTimer control should it used in a large-scale application. It might be very tempting to have the timer initiate a callback to the server every second, and this works fine if the number of users is fairly small and well-known. However, for a public Internet site, it may not be wise, since it could result in thousands of requests being made to the server every second.

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User Comments

Title: this is too costly   
Name: pankaj
Date: 2007-02-09 7:07:45 AM
i think this is too costly to get these controls..
and i have seen the examples... they r taking the same time as the normal application take..
Title: Not worth the headache   
Name: Andrew
Date: 2006-08-17 10:09:57 AM
The licensing used on these controls is pain. No matter what 'features' these controls have the headache caused by dealing with the licensing is just not worth it.
Title: Actually this is not too hard to accomplish.   
Name: Cristian
Date: 2005-10-01 6:41:03 PM
I wouldn't pay $500 for a single server licence, especially for some controls that I've made in like 2 days (button, linkbutton, dropdownlist, listbox, label, checkbox, textbox)

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