Ideas for Improving ASP and ASP.NET Web Application Security - Part 1
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by Brett Burridge
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Do not use .inc as default makes it readable in browser

When using ASP include files, it is usually better to use the .asp file extension rather than .inc. This is because many IIS web servers do not recognize that the .inc files contain ASP content.  Although it is possible to associate files with .inc file extensions with the ASP interpreter via the Application Mappings settings within IIS, not many websites are configured to do this.

If IIS is not aware of .inc files containing ASP, then HTTP requests for them will be returned to the client as plain text.  This does of course mean that the source code in the file will be viewable by anyone.  This is a particular hazard if there is sensitive data contained within them, such as passwords or database connection strings.

Although it is possible that your .inc files may go unnoticed, there are several methods by which they may get discovered.

A malicious user may come across them if they are in a sub-folder with a guessable name (such as "includes") and the folder has directory browsing switched on.  Turning off directory browsing will help alleviate this issue.

An ASP error on a page using the include file will show the path to the include file if the error was encountered in that include file.  Turning off ASP errors will avoid this issue.

The other advantage of this is that file editors, such as Visual InterDev, will automatically recognize the file as containing ASP code and will syntax highlight and color code the source code appropriately.

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