CodeSnip: How to Get Id of the Record Using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000
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by Sushila Bowalekar Patel
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Dim conn As SqlConnection
Dim cmd As SqlCommand
Dim strconnection, strsqlinsert As String
Dim Employeeid As String
Private Sub btnAddRecord_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
        ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAddRecord.Click
  strconnection = "server=localhost;uid=sa;password=;database=DummyDB"
  strsqlinsert = "Insert into Employees ( "
  strsqlinsert + = "FirstName ,LastName"
  strsqlinsert + = ")"
  strsqlinsert + = " values ("
  strsqlinsert + = "@FirstName,@LastName"
  strsqlinsert + = ")"
  strsqlinsert + = "; SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY() ; "
  conn = New SqlConnection(strconnection)
  cmd = New SqlCommand(strsqlinsert, conn)
  cmd.Parameters.Add("@FirstName", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = FirstName.Text
  cmd.Parameters.Add("@LastName", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = LastName.Text
  Employeeid = cmd.ExecuteScalar
  lblLastRecordAdded.Text = Employeeid
End Sub


string strconnection, strsqlinsert;
SqlConnection conn;
SqlCommand cmd;
string Employeeid;
private void btnAddRecord_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  strconnection = "server=localhost;uid=sa;password=;database=DummyDB";
  strsqlinsert = "Insert into Employees ( ";
  strsqlinsert += "FirstName ,LastName";
  strsqlinsert += ")";
  strsqlinsert += " values (";
  strsqlinsert += "@FirstName,@LastName";
  strsqlinsert += ")";
  strsqlinsert += "; SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY() ; ";
  conn = new SqlConnection(strconnection);
  cmd = new SqlCommand(strsqlinsert, conn);
  cmd.Parameters.Add("@FirstName", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = FirstName.Text;
  cmd.Parameters.Add("@LastName", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = LastName.Text;
  Employeeid = cmd.ExecuteScalar().ToString();
  lblLastRecordAdded.Text = Employeeid;

Figure 1


Although SCOPE_IDENTITY and @@IDENTITY return the last identity value generated for any table in the current session, SCOPE_IDENTITY returns value only in current scope whereas @@IDENTITY returns value across all scopes.

IDENT_CURRENT returns the last identity value generated for a specific table in any session and any scope.

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thanks. i am a student. i was searching code for insert data in sql table. your site provide perfect solution for my search. thanks for this help.
Title: help   
Name: amit07
Date: 2007-03-30 9:58:25 AM
can u plz clear the diff b/w scope_identity() and @@identity
Title: Excellent   
Name: From Iran
Date: 2007-03-28 5:36:09 AM
This Tutorial was one of the rare clear ones on the NET excellent job
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Date: 2007-03-28 5:13:04 AM
Thank you, You Made my Day
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Thank you! Well written example.
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Thanks a lot...
i've been searching for this the whole day, but now i got it :)
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Name: M.Anwar Iqbal Khan
Date: 2006-12-03 7:13:54 AM
That kind of code i am looking for in internet, very good code. Thanks.
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Name: surya bhan
Date: 2006-09-27 4:03:50 AM
very good
Title: Thanks   
Name: Dave London
Date: 2006-08-21 12:45:40 PM
Good article. Until recently I wasn't aware of the difference myself. Your solution is the one I would recommend as @@indentity is not thread safe and it is better practice to use SCOPE_IDENTITY() just in case triggers are added to the table at a later stage.
Title: Good snippit   
Name: toffer
Date: 2006-08-10 5:34:26 AM
great article... exactly what i need ... :)
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Name: TonyM
Date: 2006-08-08 4:50:49 PM
Excellent Example. Thanks for the snippets, explanations and example. I searched high and low for a good example, glad I found this one!
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Name: terryh
Date: 2006-07-28 9:25:26 PM
Finally, exactly what I needed. Why is this stuff so hard to find?...oh well...

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