CodeSnip: How to Create a Complete Dynamic SQL Statement Using SQL Server
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by Nidal Arabi
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An example of calling the stored procedure is provided below.  It can select the first 5 rows from the table called Products and order them by the ProductName field after filtering for the product name that starts with the letter A from the Northwind database.  You can copy the code in Listing 2 directly to an SQL Server Query analyzer.

Listing 2

Use Northwind
Exec DynamicSql 5,
 'ProductName, SupplierID,QuantityPerUnit','Products','Order By ProductName','Where ProductName like ''A%'''

The following result is generated:

ProductName SupplierID QuantityPerUnit

Alice Mutton 7 20 - 1 kg tins

Aniseed Syrup 1 12 - 550 ml bottles

Another example with the usage of the output parameter is presented below:

Exec DynamicSql 1,
'@ProdName = ProductName','Products',null,'Where ProductName like ''A%''','@ProdName', 'varchar'

This example would return the string "Alice Mutton" to the calling part.

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