Detecting ASP Website Errors Using Microsoft Log Parser
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by Brett Burridge
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The query output

The 500 server errors Log Parser query shown above creates a report like the following:

/w/Products.ASPNETDocumentationTool.asp|-|ASP_0113|Script_timed_out 18

/w/Products.ASPDocumentationTool.asp |-|ASP_0113|Script_timed_out 18

/w/Products.IndexServerCompanion.SampleSearch.asp|33|800a01f4|Variable_is_undefined:_'LogEvent' 11

/w/News.asp|-|ASP_0113|Script_timed_out 5

/w/Affiliates.asp|-|ASP_0113|Script_timed_out 5

The_query_contained_only_ignored_words._ 4

_Requested_operation_requires_a_current_record. 4

/w/Products.ASPDocumentationTool.Screenshots.asp |-|ASP_0113|Script_timed_out 4

/w/Downloads.asp |108|8007000e|[Microsoft][ODBC_Microsoft_Access_Driver]_Not_enough_space_on_temporary_disk. 2

/w/Downloads.asp |108|80004005|Unspecified_error 2

For each of the errors it reports the page on which the error was encountered, the details of the error and the number of times each page reported the particular error.  Due to the query's order by clause, the most common errors are listed first.  The group by clause is used to group identical errors from each page.

As may be seen from this sample output, a comprehensive overview of the website's problems may be gained.  In this particular example the number of timeout errors would indicate that the website has significant performance issues.  Other errors in this sample include an ASP coding error ("Variable_is_undefined") and an Indexing Services error ("The_query_contained_only_ignored_words").  Fixing these errors could lead to significant enhancement of the user's experience of the website.

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