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Tips to Avoid Having Your Google AdSense Account Banned
by Steven Papas
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Google’s AdSense program is a fantastic way to earn extra money on your website or blog, but unless you’re extra careful, you may risk being banned from participating.  In this article we will outline several tips which can help you avoid being banned from Google AdSense, including some which may surprise you.


Tips to Avoid Being Banned from Google AdSense


In terms of the rules set forth by Google for their AdSense program, the company is very fair and makes it extremely easy to participate. There are, however, a few surefire ways to have your account banned—ways that you may want to avoid at all costs. Here are just a few of those ways:


·         Clicking on Your Own Ads.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but according to the good folks at Google, it is the number one reason people have their AdSense account banned.  Now this doesn’t mean that if you occasionally and accidentally click on your own ad your account will be banned, but it does mean that if you try to trick Google by persistently clicking on your ads, you will quickly find yourself on the outside looking in.

·         Signing up for more than one account.  Some of the veterans of Google’s AdSense will tell you there’s a few ways around this rule, but if you want to be safe from the threat of being banned, you’ll probably want to stick to just the one account.

·         AdSense clicking rings. Getting together with friends or colleagues and conspiring to click on each other’s ads may sound like a profitable idea, but if you think you’re going to fool Google you have another thing coming. This is a “deal breaker” and can quickly result in having your account banned permanently.

·         Questionable or Illegal Content. Sites which feature illegal or questionable content—sites such as gambling sites, porn sites and even hacker sites—are not eligible for Google AdSense. Attempting to include Google AdSense on these types of sites is a no-no and will get you banned.

·         Images or Pictures Adjacent to your AdSense blocks. Google will afford you a lot of freedom with regard to the placement of your ads, but if you feature pictures or images which are relative to your AdSense blocks they cannot appear next to your ads or you will eventually be banned. Why? Because Google feels this practice is akin to tricking your visitors into clicking on your ads.

·         Avoid putting AdSense on Pop-Up Ads. Placing Google AdSense material on pop-ups, especially those pop-ups which generate other pop-ups when users try to close them, is not acceptable in the eyes of Google and can have your account banned until you correct the violation.

·         Disclosing your potential earnings. According to Google’s terms of service, any information concerning your click-through rates or earnings per impressions or clicks is not allowed on the same site where you will feature any AdSense blocks.

·         Having Blank or AdSense-Only Pages. Sites which have no content or those sites featuring nothing but Google AdSense ads are not allowed and can get you banned from the program.


Of course these are just a few of the ways to get your account banned, and while you may not completely agree with all of them, failing to comply can be a one-way ticket to having your account banned, either temporarily or permanently. To ensure that your ads remain up and running, simply follow the rules outlined in Google’s terms of service for the AdSense program and avoid questionable conduct altogether.


Steven Papas is the owner of the In his blog you can find Internet Security and Parental Control software reviews, as well as Acronis coupons and the Norton 360 promo code.




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