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CodeSnip:Forms Authentication Against a Database
by Web Team at ORCS Web
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I've seen a number of posts to the peer support lists and personally received a few requests for a code sample that performs Forms Authentication against a database.

I took code from an earlier article that authenticated against an XML file (Forms Authentication Against An XML File) and converted the code to use the ExecuteScalar method of the command object to query a database to validate the username and password.

I used SQL Server as the data source when writing this code, but the database can be any type supported by ASP.Net. The sample database I created has a single table named tUsers and has just two columns - username and password - both varchar(50) data types.

There are plenty of articles online explaining the integration of ASP.Net and databases, so I'm not going to spend time re-explaining that. The code below should be fully functional though and it should be a good starting place for you to integrate your own Forms Authentication against a database.

<%@ Page Language="VB" Trace="false" EnableViewState="False" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Security" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data"%>
<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %>

<script language="VB" runat=server>
Sub Login(Src as Object, E as EventArgs) 
  Dim sUsername as string = txtUser.Value.Replace("'","''")
  Dim sPassword as string = txtPwd.Value.Replace("'","''")

  if (CheckLoginFromDb(sUsername, sPassword)) <> "no match" then
    FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(sUsername, false)
    lblStatus.InnerHtml = "Invalid login"
  end if
end sub

Function CheckLoginFromDb(sUsername as string, sPassword as string) as string
  Dim sSQL          as String
  Dim sRetUsername  as String

  sSQL = "SELECT username FROM tUsers WHERE "
  sSQL += "username = '" & sUsername & "' "
  sSQL += "AND password = '" & sPassword & "'"

  Dim sConnStr As String = CStr(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("MyConn"))
  Dim oConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(sConnStr)
  Dim oCommand as SQLCommand = New SQLCommand(sSQL, oConn)
  oCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text

    ' Open the connection and execute the Command 
    sRetUsername = oCommand.ExecuteScalar() 
  Catch e As Exception
    throw e
    ' Close the Connection 
    If oConn.State = ConnectionState.Open then 
    End If 
  End Try

  If trim(sRetUsername) = "" then
    return "no match"
    return sRetUsername
  end if
End Function

<form method=post runat=server>
  Username: <INPUT type=text name=txtUser id=txtUser runat=server/><BR>
  Password: <INPUT type=password name=txtPwd id=txtPwd runat=server/><BR>
<INPUT type=submit OnServerClick="Login" runat=server/>

<SPAN id="lblStatus" runat=server/>

By Brad Kingsley, founder and president of ORCS Web, Inc. - a company that provides managed hosting services for clients who develop and deploy their applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

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