Chapter 18: Working with Collections

Declaring Collections recipe1801cs.aspx recipe1801cs.aspx source C#
Declaring Collections recipe1801vb.aspx recipe1801vb.aspx source VB.NET
Looping Through Each Item in an Enumerable Collection recipe1802cs.aspx recipe1802cs.aspx source C#
Looping Through Each Item in an Enumerable Collection recipe1802vb.aspx recipe1802vb.aspx source VB.NET
Creating a Custom Collection recipe1803cs.aspx recipe1803cs.aspx source C#
Creating a Custom Collection recipe1803vb.aspx recipe1803vb.aspx source VB.NET
Passing an Array of Parameters to a Method recipe1804cs.aspx recipe1804cs.aspx source C#
Passing an Array of Parameters to a Method recipe1804vb.aspx recipe1804vb.aspx source VB.NET
Using a HashTable Collection recipe1805cs.aspx recipe1805cs.aspx source C#
Using a HashTable Collection recipe1805vb.aspx recipe1805vb.aspx source VB.NET
Using a Queue Collection recipe1806cs.aspx recipe1806cs.aspx source C#
Using a Queue Collection recipe1806vb.aspx recipe1806vb.aspx source VB.NET
Using a Stack Collection recipe1807cs.aspx recipe1807cs.aspx source C#
Using a Stack Collection recipe1807vb.aspx recipe1807vb.aspx source VB.NET
Using a SortedList Collection recipe1808cs.aspx recipe1808cs.aspx source C#
Using a SortedList Collection recipe1808vb.aspx recipe1808vb.aspx source VB.NET

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