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Product Review - WP Robot
by Anand Narayanaswamy
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Imagine that you have registered and are hosting a domain name. The next step is to find the relevant content for your domain. You could write some unique articles, but it would take a few days if you are not familiar with content writing. Therefore, you need to take advantage of content available from various online sources in a legal fashion. It is difficult to copy and paste the content, as it is unprofessional. You end up with the need to automate the entire process with the help of applications.

There are lots of free tools available for automatically posting content, but all of them have their own disadvantages, such as huge resource consumption and the inability to post content from various sources and customization. I recently came across a product named WP Robot which pulls content from different sources and publishes them on to your website at regular intervals.


As the name indicates WP Robot cannot be used with normal HTML-based sites. Instead you require a site enabled with WordPress. The installation process is similar to that of other plugins as you just need to upload the package to plugins directory. You can also install the plugin directly from the administration area by uploading the ZIP file. As soon as you activate the plugin, you will find options panel on the left side of the admin panel as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

The product ships in three different versions: Basic, Advanced and Elite. While the basic and advanced package include limited features, the elite suite ships with support for unlimited keywords and the ability to make use of the product in unlimited number of sites.


In order to work with WP Robot, you need to create a new campaign by logging in as administrator and selecting Create Campaign link from the left side navigation panel under WP Robot 3 section.

As you can see from the above screenshot there are two separate campaign options for fetching content using keywords and from RSS Feeds. For instance, if you need to post content based on keyword, you only need to feed the keywords and load Article Template using the Load Template Preset drop down box as shown in the figure below.

Figure 2

In the same way, you can fetch content from various online sources by providing the relevant keywords and selecting the appropriate template from the provided list. In order to post content from feeds you need to provide complete URL of the relevant RSS Feed and also have to select a category for each feed as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

The product include modules for pulling content from Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Yahoo Answers, Press Release, Youtube, Flickr, Yahoo News, Commission Junction, Oodle, Shopzilla, Twitter, Linkshare, Eventful, iTunes and Yelp.

If you notice the above figure, you will be able to see a third campaign with the name BrowseNode, which is mainly used to grab content from For instance, you can add information about latest ASP.NET books by providing the relevant browsenode ID and activating Amazon module.

In addition to the above mentioned modules, WPRobot fetches content from articlebase directory and from RSS feeds. You can also buy each module separately depending upon your requirements. As I mentioned above, the Basic edition includes restrictions but it is a perfect choice if you need to test drive the product before purchase.

I noticed that the product doesn't fetch full content from feeds. Instead it just posts an extract of each article from the RSS feed page, which I feel will be beneficial for feeds which has lot of content.

I would not recommend the usage of RSS Feed campaign if the feed from which you extract the content contains only one or two sentences. You can however make use of keyword based campaign which posts full content at regular intervals.

The product is legal to use as long as you provide the relevant source of the content. It would be helpful if the category list is populated inside a drop down box in addition to manual entry so that users can easily add existing categories instead of creating them.

The product records each of your activity in a comprehensive log file with the ability to delete at a later point of time to reduce the size of database. WP Robot also enables you to replace and exclude keywords from the content and provides support for Image caching and link cloaking, with which you can protect your affiliate links.

I found it easy to work with the product as you need not have to undergo any training as all the options are self-explanatory. The product enables you to post content with randomized post times. Hence, your blog will look natural to the eyes of your visitors and search engines.

I would prefer to see the function of dynamic article spinning in the next version so that the content will look unique. The vendor provides comprehensive documentation and also lot of video tutorials, which can be viewed by entering the e-mail address with which you purchased the product. Moreover, the administration panel displays an instant help tooltip to every important option and setting as shown in Figure 4, which I feel will be helpful for beginners.

Figure 4

You can buy each module separately if you don't want to buy full package. However, the vendor provides 14 day money back guarantee so that you can get your payment back in case if you are not satisfied with the product.

You should note that once you setup a WordPress blog and configure WP Robot the rest of the process is completely automated aka Auto Pilot. You can even monetize your site in various ways so that you can earn recurring income over the period of time.

I highly recommend WP Robot as it is a powerful tool for creating websites with automated content from various online properties.


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Anand Narayanaswamy is a Microsoft MVP who works as an independent consultant based in Trivandrum, India. He is the author of Community Server Quickly (Packt Publishing) and runs and

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