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Getting Started with Kanban

Steven Smith

Kanban is a system for improving existing production processes. Learn more about the process, and how to get started applying it, in this brief overview.

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8 key points to securing your SaaS applications, 06 Dec 2011, Visual Guard Novalys (rss)
This article lists the technical and functional specifications allowing you to attain both strength and flexibility for your SaaS application. It will help you conceptualize the security of your application, taking into account important constraints from the beginning of your project. You will thus be able to cover short terms needs, while at the same time anticipation any future evolutions necessary to the development of your business.

Represent Behavior with Classes not Flags, 11 Nov 2011, Steven Smith (rss)
When designing your software systems, favor the use of classes to model behavior within the system over the overuse of flags in your data model. The resulting design will be more flexible, less tightly coupled, and easier to maintain.

Get MSMQ Queue Counts in C#, 08 Nov 2011, Steven Smith (rss)
This article demonstrates a simple way to quickly retrieve the length of MSMQ queues from an ASP.NET MVC application using C#.

Book Review: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-667): Configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 01 Nov 2011, Anand Narayanaswamy (rss)
Microsoft Certification Exams are tough even though it is multiple choice. You should refer to training kits available on the market before attempting an exam. Configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a comprehensive Self-Paced Training Kit for those looking to obtain Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Certification. The book examines all aspects of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in a detailed manner with the help of a mock exam in the accompanying CD-ROM. In this review, Anand analyses the content of the book and also provides suggestions for the improvement.

Getting Started with WebMatrix 2, 25 Oct 2011, Steven Smith (rss)
This article will show you how to install and get started quickly using WebMatrix 2.

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Code Understanding and Systems Design with Visual Studio 2010, 17 Jun 2010, Microsoft Corporation (rss)
Visual Studio 2010 introduces an entirely new set of architecture tools to aide in both understanding the code you already have and in defining how new systems will be built. In this session, you will discover how you can use new tools like the Architecture Explorer to better understand and comprehend complex systems before making any changes to them. You will see how graphically modeling the code makes it easier to understand the impact of a potential change. We’ll also show you how you can use modeling tools for UML and layer diagramming to describe and communicate the design of a new system—including how these tools can be used to validate the software being developed against its intended architecture.

Improving Developer Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 17 Jun 2010, Microsoft Corporation (rss)
Effective collaboration between developers and testers is paramount and can make the difference between shipping quality applications on time, or slipping because bugs are found late. In this session you will discover the six mechanisms in Visual Studio 2010 that enable more effective collaboration between developers and testers. These mechanisms include tools to create actionable bugs, debug historical events, and automate functional testing.

Proactive Project Management with Visual Studio 2010, 17 Jun 2010, Microsoft Corporation (rss)
Successful projects share a number of common characteristics – tight integration between the ground level practitioner and project management, agile methodologies such as Scrum are taking hold in mainstream development. In this session, we’ll explore how teams can leverage the capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 to manage, communicate, and track work to be done as well as report on project status and key performance indicators through the project lifecycle. You will see the new Agile Planning workbooks in Visual Studio 2010, as well as new reporting tools like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server dashboards. You will see you how to take advantage of these tools in your current and future projects.

SharePoint and Office Development with Visual Studio 2010, 17 Jun 2010, Microsoft Corporation (rss)
Many customers are turning to SharePoint as a way of meeting changing business needs and managing IT costs and complexity. Visual Studio 2010 provides new support for SharePoint 2010 development, including tooling for Web Parts, Lists, Workflows, and Events and more, so you can bring great new customized collaboration tools to your company. In this session we will cover connecting SharePoint to external data, enhancing customizations with Silverlight, and leveraging SharePoint data from Office client extensions. You will see how to leverage your existing .NET skills to deliver new functionality on a platform that is readily familiar to end-users.

Team Foundation Server for Everyone, 17 Jun 2010, Microsoft Corporation (rss)
Are you still using Visual SourceSafe? Is your source code in Subversion? Have you hobbled together a set of open source tools that just “get the job done”? Team Foundation Server 2010 is the best next-step from Visual SourceSafe and other version control systems. In this session we will dispel the myths for why you aren’t already using Team Foundation Server, show you how get started including migrating your existing code from Visual SourceSafe and introduce you to some of the additional capabilities of Team Foundation Server that will enable you to set up continuous integration builds with quality gates and document and track items from your backlog. If you’ve been thinking about trying Team Foundation Server, now is the time to check it out.

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Most Popular Articles (Most Views In Last 10 Days)
Generating and Hosting a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio, 16 May 2006, Jayaram Krishnaswamy (rss)
This step-by-step, hands-on tutorial guides the reader in creating a simple report using the SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio IDE and hosting the same on the IIS web server.

Product Review: qlWebDS Pro, 26 Jan 2010, Anand Narayanaswamy (rss)
There are many products available for creating directory style web sites, but web masters prefer simple ones that contain features relevant to them. In this review, Anand puts the Pro version of qlWebDS software to the test. He examines the various features and provides suggestions for improving the quality of the product.

Generating Excel File Using SQL Server 2000, 21 Jun 2006, Aravind Kumar (rss)
In this article Aravind demonstrates the creation of a new Excel file using SQL Server 2000. This technique does not require Microsoft Excel(Office) to be installed on the Web Server.

C# and VB.NET Comparison Cheat Sheet, 21 Feb 2005, Steven Swafford (rss)
A quick cheat sheet that highlights some key syntactical differences between C# and VB.NET. While this is not all inclusive this cheat sheet proves to be a handy reference.

Understanding the JavaScript __doPostBack Function, 20 Jun 2006, Mohammad Azam (rss)
In this article we will look into the __doPostBack function of JavaScript. Read the article to find some insights about the function.

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