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Code Understanding and Systems Design with Visual Studio 2010 17 Jun 2010Visual Studio 2010 introduces an entirely new set of architecture tools to aide in both understanding the code you already have and in defining how new systems will be built. In this session, you will discover how you can use new tools like the Architecture Explorer to better understand and comprehend complex systems before making any changes to them. You will see how graphically modeling the code makes it easier to understand the impact of a potential change. We’ll also show you how you can use modeling tools for UML and layer diagramming to describe and communicate the design of a new system—including how these tools can be used to validate the software being developed against its intended architecture.
Improving Developer Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 17 Jun 2010Effective collaboration between developers and testers is paramount and can make the difference between shipping quality applications on time, or slipping because bugs are found late. In this session you will discover the six mechanisms in Visual Studio 2010 that enable more effective collaboration between developers and testers. These mechanisms include tools to create actionable bugs, debug historical events, and automate functional testing.
Proactive Project Management with Visual Studio 2010 17 Jun 2010Successful projects share a number of common characteristics – tight integration between the ground level practitioner and project management, agile methodologies such as Scrum are taking hold in mainstream development. In this session, we’ll explore how teams can leverage the capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 to manage, communicate, and track work to be done as well as report on project status and key performance indicators through the project lifecycle. You will see the new Agile Planning workbooks in Visual Studio 2010, as well as new reporting tools like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server dashboards. You will see you how to take advantage of these tools in your current and future projects.
SharePoint and Office Development with Visual Studio 2010 17 Jun 2010Many customers are turning to SharePoint as a way of meeting changing business needs and managing IT costs and complexity. Visual Studio 2010 provides new support for SharePoint 2010 development, including tooling for Web Parts, Lists, Workflows, and Events and more, so you can bring great new customized collaboration tools to your company. In this session we will cover connecting SharePoint to external data, enhancing customizations with Silverlight, and leveraging SharePoint data from Office client extensions. You will see how to leverage your existing .NET skills to deliver new functionality on a platform that is readily familiar to end-users.
Team Foundation Server for Everyone 17 Jun 2010Are you still using Visual SourceSafe? Is your source code in Subversion? Have you hobbled together a set of open source tools that just “get the job done”? Team Foundation Server 2010 is the best next-step from Visual SourceSafe and other version control systems. In this session we will dispel the myths for why you aren’t already using Team Foundation Server, show you how get started including migrating your existing code from Visual SourceSafe and introduce you to some of the additional capabilities of Team Foundation Server that will enable you to set up continuous integration builds with quality gates and document and track items from your backlog. If you’ve been thinking about trying Team Foundation Server, now is the time to check it out.
Windows Development with Visual Studio 2010 17 Jun 2010The end users of your applications are being exposed to radical new experiences on Windows every day. The applications they use in their day-to-day jobs are starting to take advantage of hardware-accelerated graphics, 3D animation, and performance optimizations available on multiple core machines. In this session we’ll examine how the integrated designers, improved support for line-of-business scenarios, and enhanced platform support in Visual Studio 2010 make it easier and faster to deliver innovative Windows applications. We’ll also see how you can enhance existing applications to take advantage of new Windows 7 capabilities and capitalize on multiple-core processing.
Visual Studio 2010 Launch 12 Apr 2010Visualize your workspace with new multiple monitor support, powerful Web development, new SharePoint support with tons of templates and Web parts, and more accurate targeting of any version of the .NET Framework. Get set to unleash your creativity.
Video: Understanding INotifyPropertyChanged and ObservableCollection in Windows Presentation Foundation 21 Dec 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to use INotifyPropertyChanged for entities and ObservableCollection for entity collections in Windows Presentation Foundation. [7:45]
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Video: Minifying JavaScript Using JSMin 07 Dec 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to minify JavaScript using the JSMin library. [4:05]
Video: Introduction to Code Generation Using T4 Templates 15 Jun 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to generate code using the Text Template Transformation Toolkit. [4:07]
Video: Passing Parameters to Crystal Reports Programmatically 18 May 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to pass parameters to Crystal Reports programmatically. [5:58]
Video: Creating Parameter Fields in Crystal Reports 04 May 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to create parameter fields in Crystal Reports. Mohammad demonstrates this feature using the design time wizard available in Visual Studio. [7:23]
Video: Using the JQuery Physics Plug In 20 Apr 2009In this video Mohammad Azam demonstrates how to use the JQuery Physics plug in to perform gravity, wind, and speed operations. [5:49]
Video: What's New in ASP.NET MVC RC 1 06 Apr 2009In this video Mohammad Azam discusses the new features of the ASP.NET MVC Framework RC 1. He talks about and describes some changes that have been made to MVC from earlier versions. [8:02]