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With the AJAX technology in its boom, hundreds of developers are in quest for the right UI controls for building their web applications. Building on its expertise with AJAX, Telerik developed its web UI suite on top of Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX, which is the most widely used framework for web development. Telerik Controls for ASP.NET AJAX suite includes over 30 major controls with proven reliability that will help you build elegant UIs, on an industry-standard Microsoft supported technology. But what programming techniques can the guys from Telerik share with you? What resources do you need to immediately start your web project? How can you optimize the performance of your web app? This page gathers all the answers to these questions, as well as various learning resources to aid you though your development process.

Telerik Controls for ASP.NET AJAX


Demo Applications

Event Scheduler

This demo application allows you to configure your event schedule using drag-and drop from RadGrid to RadScheduler. You can print your customized schedule using the integrated Telerik Reporting.

CRM Application

This example uses the Microsoft Northwind database and AJAX and WebServices to load data on demand, and demonstrates the integration of Telerik Controls into the MS AJAX framework, as well as the built in web-service support of several RadControls.

Telerik MVC Forums

This application is a basic online forum which uses Telerik Controls in ASP.NET AJAX and demonstrates integration with ASP.NET MVC. The demo is built with Telerik Controls for ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET MVC and Telerik OpenAccess.

Qucik Start Framework

More than 500 running demos for all controls. Source code viewer and ready-to-use Visual Studio projects provided. All examples are included in the RadControls distribution.

Performance Optimization Techniques

Every tool that Telerik makes is designed with high performance optimization in mind. You can find many articles in the Telerik documentation (telerik.com/help) that focus specifically on helping you optimize your RadControl implementations. For more optimization tips, check out these articles from the Telerik Optimization Tips blog series:

Read full details about Telerik RadControls Optimization Techniques at www.telerik.com/TopPerformance

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Telerik TV

All Telerik video resources can be accessed via the official Telerik TV video portal. Telerik TV channels include training videos, product tips & tricks, webinars, industry news coverage and news from Telerik Labs. Watch now!

General AJAX Resources

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