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Since its foundation in 1997, ASPAlliance has undergone several notable changes. In 1999, Steven Smith took over ownership and operations of the site. From 1999 to 2003, ASPAlliance served as a shared hosting site for distinguished ASP and ASP.NET professionals to publish content on their own mini-sites, kind of an early form of blogging. Much of this can still be viewed at http://authors.aspalliance.com.

In September 2003, ASPAlliance moved to a centralized CMS in order to provide readers with more consistency in their experience of the site. Initially, the transition entailed bringing over as much content as possible from the mini-sites, while still accepting new content. Also in 2003, Michelle Smith left veterinary practice to support ASPAlliance and its advertising network full time as vice president of operations.

In May of 2004, Steven Smith was called upon to serve in the US Army's operations in Iraq. In response to this, he asked J. Ambrose Little to take over managing ASPAlliance's content and development. Ambrose accepted the offer and has been working to gradually improve the editorial process and, consequently, the quality of the content on the site.

In June 2005, ASPAlliance made a drastic change in its compensation model, moving from a strictly royalty-based system to an honoraria system based on article type and length. With this change, the article proposal and submission process was greatly simplified and streamlined and the editorial process has become more formal and interactive.

The latest change, in September 2005, is the diversification of ASPAlliance's content. In response to the increasing popularity of .NET and its easing of all kinds of development (from web to Windows to other devices), ASPAlliance, formerly targeted specifically at Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET developers, diversified to include topics of interest to .NET developers that are not specifically web related.

To better signify this change, ASPAlliance rebranded itself as the Active Software Professional Alliance. We will keep the ASPAlliance moniker, but instead of that indicating a specialty in ASP and ASP.NET topics, it will serve to indicate a more general focus on professional software developers, particularly those interested in .NET and other Microsoft technologies.

All of these changes have conspired to make the reader experience on ASPAlliance as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

Who We Are and What We Do

Apart from the obvious publication of quality content, the site also has spawned several related sites including Lake Quincy Media (formerly the ASPAlliance Ad Network) and the AspAdvice Mailing List Community. As of August 2005, the site has over 350,000 unique users per month and shows over three million page views per month. The site's weekly newsletter has approximately 15,000 subscribers between its plain text and HTML editions.

Many people contribute to the success of the site. Michelle Smith manages financial and most of the business operations. Ambrose Little directs content and development. Cindy Brucato leads development, implementing changes and improvements to the CMS. Brad Kingsley, Scott Forsyth, and the rest of the ORCS Web team make sure the site's servers are kept up and running 24/7.

In addition, ASPAlliance works with a few editors who help to keep the technical and textual quality of content on the site high. They are Christiane Little, lead copy editor, and Anand Narayanaswamy, lead technical editor. Thomas Johansen and others provide help with the site's layout and design, and Thomas also provided us with a code highlighting component. Our advertisers and supporters ensure that we can continue to provide these services. Our authors provide helpful articles, tutorials, reviews, and samples to share their expert knowledge with the community.

Finally, you help to make ASPAlliance a leading .NET community through your input and participation. Please tell us what you'd like to see so that we can continue to improve the site and serve your needs.

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