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8 key points to securing your SaaS applications Visual Guard Novalys 06 Dec 2011
Murach's ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with VB 2008 Anand Narayanaswamy 19 Nov 2008
Video: Returning ArrayList from the Web Service Mohammad Azam 25 Aug 2008
Working with Amazon Search Web Service using ASP.NET Anand Vijayan 10 Jun 2008
CodeSnip: Practical Use of "for update of" in Oracle Cursor Deepankar Sarangi 07 Feb 2008
Review: Developer's Guide to ASP.NET 3.5 Anand Narayanaswamy 25 Jan 2008
ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and Web Deployment Project Releases for VS 2008 Scott Guthrie 01 Dec 2007
Developing AutoComplete Textbox using ASP.NET AJAX 1.0, Web Service and JavaScript Jesudas Chinnathampi (Das) 26 Nov 2007
Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Overview Scott Guthrie 19 Nov 2007
Introducing Windows Services Uday Denduluri 15 Jun 2007
Three Ways to Consume Web Services with AJAX Xianzhong Zhu 26 Apr 2007
Ajax and the Service Gateway Pattern Stephen Rylander 03 Apr 2007
A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating a Web Service Task Using SQL Server Integration Services Jayaram Krishnaswamy 26 Feb 2007
Working with Web Services in .NET Joydip Kanjilal 15 Jan 2007
Event Logging in a .NET Web Service Sandesh Meda 28 Aug 2006
Creating a SharePoint Lists Report Using Crystal Reports with Web Services Eric Landes 22 Aug 2006
Working with Web Services Using ASP.NET SANJIT SIL 21 Aug 2006
CodeSnip: Modifying Web.config file during installation Amal ElHosseiny 02 May 2006
Remoting in .NET Joydip Kanjilal 02 May 2006
Soap Headers Authentication in Web Services Vishal Patil 19 Apr 2006
Using SharePoint Web Services to Change Subsite Permissions Grant Zhang 23 Mar 2006
Exploring the Pipeline Class Using Web Services Enhancements SP2 Jayaram Krishnaswamy 05 Jan 2006
Windows Communication Foundation: Steroids for your Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Part II) Tom Fuller 28 Nov 2005
CodeSnip: Virtual Web Services Through Pattern Matching Rajesh Toleti 23 Nov 2005
Windows Communication Foundation: Steroids for your Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Part I) Tom Fuller 21 Nov 2005
CodeSnip: Handling SOAP Exceptions in Web Services Vishal Patil 11 Nov 2005
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Service-Oriented Architecture Tom Fuller 23 Aug 2005
WebMail Using the IP*Works! ADO.NET Data Provider Lance Robinson 08 Mar 2005
CDOSYS or CDONTS, Which Will It Be? Web Team at ORCS Web 05 Jan 2005
CodeSnip:ASPNETMenu Web Team at ORCS Web 04 Jan 2005
CodeSnip:Export DataTable to Excel Michelle Beall 29 Nov 2004
CodeSnip: Access Database Schema with ASP.NET 2.0 Andrew Mooney 06 Oct 2004
InfoPath: Populating Fields from Drop-Down Selection Michelle Beall 18 Aug 2004
Review of Making Web Service Calls Wenfeng Gao 19 May 2004
Configuration Setting Management: The Personality of Your Applications Paul Glavich 27 Apr 2004
Email Bounce Automation Using BoogiePOP Enterprise - Part 2 of 2 Scott Wolfington 12 Mar 2004
Web Service Tutorial - Metric Conversion Steven Swafford 05 Mar 2004
XML Messaging in WSE 2.0 Jesús Rodríguez 23 Jan 2004
Start a Long Process from a Web Page Using XML Web Services Steve Sharrock 22 Jan 2004
Practical Web References Robert Boedigheimer 29 Oct 2003
Inside the WSDL & Web Services Proxies Anonymous Contributor 10 Oct 2003
Consuming XML Web Services with .NET Compact Framework Sreedhar Koganti 07 Oct 2003 Web Service Details Steve Sharrock 03 Oct 2003
Database Report Web Service Andrew Mooney 29 Sep 2003
Synchronizing Shared Resources Steve Sharrock 15 Mar 2003

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