Silverlight Controls

With the Silverlight technology gaining momentum among .NET developers, the availability of reliable, high performing UI components becomes a vital factor for building Silverlight applications.

Telerik Controls for Silverlight 3 features more than 30 advanced controls that can be used in pure Silverlight applications or as parts of existing ASP.NET applications. The controls are backed up by extensive learning and training resources, examples and demo applications.

The purpose of this page is to gather the most valuable Silverlight resource from Telerik and to guide you through your Silverlight development.

Telerik Controls for Silverlight 3

Demo Applications

Support for .NET RIA Services

This example demonstrates how to bind Telerik Silverlight Grid completely codelessly to .NET RIA Services using DomainDataSource. All data operations are executed on the server, which results in speedier sorting, filtering and paging.

Data Validation

All Telerik Silverlight 3 input controls support metadata-driven validation via data annotations.

Silverlight 3D Chart

Telerik Silverlight Chart is the first commercial control to support 3D charts. The example also shows the CameraExtension tool that provides zooming and rotation interactivity out-of-the-box.

Sales Dashboard for Silverlight & WPF

The demo showcases RadControls for Silverlight / WPF code reusability. It demonstrates a best practice approach for structuring a large-scale enterprise application with a single business-logic layer shared by two different presentation layers: a desktop version (built on WPF), and a web version (built on Silverlight), where both UI implementations have an identical look.

Telerik TV

All Telerik video resources can be accessed via the official Telerik TV video portal. Telerik TV channels include training videos, product tips & tricks, webinars, industry news coverage and news from Telerik Labs. Watch now!

Featured Telerik Blog Posts

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