WPF controls

If you have started building WPF applications you will certainly need reliable, high performing UI components.

Telerik Controls for WPF features more than 20 advanced UI controls backed up by extensive learning and training resources, examples and demo applications.

The purpose of this page is to gather the most valuable WPF resources from Telerik to guide you through your WPF development.

Telerik Controls for WPF

Demo Applications

Sales Dashboard for Silverlight & WPF

The demo showcases Telerik Controls for Silverlight / WPF code reusability. It demonstrates a best practice approach for structuring a large-scale enterprise application with a single business-logic layer shared by two different presentation layers: a desktop WPF version, and a web Silverlight version.

WPF Grid example

The example demonstrates the rich capabilities of RadGridView and also how Telerik WPF grid, tab, chart and hierarchy child template are bound together seamlessly to accomplish a complex application scenario.

WPF Drag and Drop

This example demonstrates the functionality of Telerik Drag & Drop for WPF. The control allows you to easily implement drag and drop behavior in WPF projects and gives you flexibility to accommodate even very complex business logic. Drag & Drop operations can be implemented between any two controls.

Featured Telerik Blog Posts

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